Hi, I am kitchentablenewsgirl. I am passionate about journalism as a means to preserve and sustain the right to the freedom of information, and enjoy exploring innovative and creative ways of doing that. Currently, I am an editorial intern with Nautilus magazine, a science and culture magazine that strives to publish only the best of long form magazine science journalism. We are mainly digital, but produce a print quarterly as well. On a good day, we like to think of ourselves as the New Yorker of science. I also work as a freelance reporter, and have a regular Saturday general assignment beat with DNA Info, a New York-based news website dedicated to providing hyper local and city-wide news throughout the five boroughs. I moved to New York last year to study an MSc. in multimedia journalism at Columbia University Journalism School. While there I expanded my previous experience working in general assignment breaking news, to race and immigration, healthcare and “ideas” reporting and long form writing. I enjoy taking different and innovative perspectives on a story, and setting phenomena within the wider socio-economic discourse. I’ve had work published in various international outlets, including The Sunday Times, The Glasgow Herald, Columbia Journalist and Columbia News Service, part of The New York Times news wire service, Nautilus, DNA Info, Huffington Post, and Pine Tree Watch Dog. I have also written extensively as a arts and culture reviewer for Edinburgh University’s The Student newspaper, Scottish webzine Rokbun.com, Edinburgh Fringe Festival magazine Informed Edinburgh, and the British Journal of General Practice.46485_10151110723216555_1753831321_n (1)

Occasionally, I enjoy analyzing the news stories and comment pieces that catch my attention as I read through the various news sites I visit each day. I don’t focus on a particular subject, although I find myself most intrigued by issues and concerns that have the greatest resonance in my immediate environment. Prior to working as a journalist, I worked for the National Health Service in primary care and education, and often I enjoy sharing my thoughts on public health policy, welfare, and social opportunity. Although I have my own opinions on these polemic subjects, at the core of every piece I write are the values of fairness and accuracy of reportage. If you have any suggestions for me, then let me know!

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